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For buying real estate?
The primary reason to choose us is our genuine care for both the home you buy and the process of buying it. And our stone cold negotiation abilities. Whether you're a first-time buyer seeking down payment assistance, selling your starter home to upgrade, or a cash buyer investor looking to expand your portfolio, we've got you covered. We're eager to discuss strategies to ensure you purchase the perfect home with the best mortgage terms and rates.

The first step is to connect with one of our preferred loan officers, whom we have carefully vetted to ensure they provide you with the best possible deal. They offer the lowest interest rates and zero unnecessary closing costs. Unlike other loan officers who charge fees such as origination fees, credit report fees, application fees, and points, our preferred partners eliminate these bogus charges, saving you a significant amount of money. Additionally, if we successfully negotiate seller concessions, we can use 100% of that money to buy down your interest rate as low as possible.

We will set you up with a personalized MLS portal and create an auto-search that will automatically send you new listings, price reductions, and back-on-market properties that match your criteria. When a potential dream home appears, notify us immediately so we can schedule a showing.
During home tours, we actively inspect the property, checking for key factors such as the age of the roof, AC, water heater, and appliances. We also look for cracks, excessive wear and tear, botched repair jobs, wood rot, and peeling paint. Our goal is to help you avoid going under contract on homes requiring extensive work, saving you from unnecessary inspection costs.
When it comes time to inspect the property you're looking to buy, that's when we truly excel. We have meticulously vetted our home inspector referral company to ensure they offer comprehensive services that thoroughly inspect the home from top to bottom. Their capabilities include camera scoping sewer lines, thermal scanning walls and ceilings, and capturing detailed photos of any issues in even the smallest nooks and crannies.
One of the most crucial aspects of the inspection is the Air Conditioning system. To ensure its condition, we bring in a highly trained and reputable AC company to inspect every square inch of the HVAC system. This thorough inspection allows us to know exactly what’s right or wrong with the system, ensuring you make an informed decision about your purchase.
Once the inspections are completed and we've submitted and agreed upon any repair requests, we move on to the appraisal. At this stage, we ensure everything is in order and then await the results, hoping for the property to appraise at or above the agreed-upon value.
Now it's time for the loan officer and escrow officer to work their magic. Once all the paperwork is prepared, we schedule a time for you to sign the necessary documents. Meanwhile, we await the "clear to close" from the title company. During this period, we'll conduct final walkthroughs to ensure all agreed-upon repairs have been completed and the property is in the same or better condition as when we first viewed it.


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